Hydraulic Jack Cylinders


Cylinder Model # Rated Range Casting Number Price
US Jack D-51010-12 3 Ton/6,000 lbs. 22″-38″ 10-11769 $199.00
US Jack D-51010-6 3 Ton/6,000 lbs. 29″-53″ 10-11769 $225.00
US Jack 56100CJH 5 Ton/10,000 lbs. 25″-45″ 10-11770 $249.00


US Jack Cylinders

Our jack cylinders by US Jack are 100% American made. US Jack is a GSA contract holder supplying hydraulic jacks to U. S. military forces worldwide. In 2008 alone they sent approximately 60,000 hydraulic jacks into the Middle East in support of our troops. There were 5200 units specifically ear-marked for the MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicles and another 13,000 units supplied for the Hummers. Other equipment by US Jack such as gear case handlers for Pratt & Whitney engines, ground support equipment for Predator drones, tank track pullers for M1A2 Abrams and M-60 tanks give evidence to the know-how of this excellent American manufacturer.

Each heavy-duty US Jack hydraulic unit is built for long lasting service. Some notable features of these jack cylinders are:

Heavy-duty cast-iron base.
Nickel plated pumps and rams with black oxide coated release mechanism for superior corrosion protection.
Trivalent zinc plated handle.

Fluid by-pass and stop ring to prevent over-travel damage.
Standard operating temperature from +120 to -25 degrees Fahrenheit.
All parts go through an industrial parts washer before assembly to insure that the jack body interior is free of harmful foreign materials.

Each jack is filled with oil produced from American crude oil by Brad Penn.
Jacks are repairable with readily available parts and rebuild kits.